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Leadest Indonesia furniture suplier, have experience more than 10 years to support
wholesaller and retails. Specializing in the production and export of Indonesian
furniture to worldwide markets.

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Bali, Indonesia Furniture Frequently Ask and Question

1. How long will you take to finish my order ?
It will take 4 - 8 weeks after order confirmation is received & whether furniture is in stock or needs to be manufactured

2. Is your product made from plantation trees and under indonesian government forestry management ?
We will never use non-plantation timber or any sources which not environmentally sustainable.

3. What's kind of finishing do you use ?
We have many varieties of finishing depending on your requirements, but generally we have standarized the finishing , please check our Finishing System

4. Can you manufacture custom designed furniture ?
Yes, we can make any furniture as long as you can support us with sufficient design & sizes

5. Do you guarantee that your prices are competitive ?
Yes, that is why we posted our prices on the website. It proves our commitment to high quality products, whilst still maintaining competitive pricing.

6. Do you guarantee all of your products ?
Yes, our quality is fully guaranteed and if you received damaged piece we will replace it in your next container as long as it is a manufacturing fault. Sometimes damage can occur during transportation, in this case we strongly suggest you insure your cargo..

7. Can you send me a catalogue or any hardcopy of your others product ?
All the catalogue is on the web.

8. How many items will fit for a container 20 feet or 40 feet ?
20ft container : 30 cubic metres - 40ft container : 60 cubic metres. The quantity of items will depend on the size of items you select. We can calculate the volume for your order once you have made your selection.

9. Can you help me with shipping arrangement ?
Yes, we have been in partnership with a professional freight forwarding company for many years

10. How to Order ?

before you decide to purchase furniture from us, please read carefully our term and condition.

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